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1,000 Ways To Love Your Ship

Make Love, Not Wank

1,000 Ways to Love Your Ship
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So, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was published, and the fandom exploded into a huge morass of bitching and counter-bitching and then bitching about the bitching. It's all a big hideous mess and completely tiresome. Rather than join the "Goodbye, cruel internet!" bandwagon, certain people had an idea...

Focus on what we love.

There's millions of people who've read the HP books, and most of them aren't in fandom. Thus, there's a reason why we do this other than just love of the original books, and so why don't we explore it, celebrate it, and return to just having a good time, all in our own little playgrounds? And so, here's the idea...

Someone who loves a pairing makes a post to this community saying, basically "Hey, here's the community I made to celebrate this ship!" Then those who love that ship mosey over and contribute so that each ship gets 1,000 things that show what's awesome and marvelous about that ship/fandom, as follows:

1 - 100 LJ icons
2 - 100 AIM icons
3 - 100 Drabbles (100 words)
4 - 100 Ficlets (500+ words)
5 - 100 Fanarts
6 - 100 Squees (things you like about the pairing)
7 - 100 Things That Must Be Read (fic recs)
8 - 100 Nice Things About the Fandom (communities, websites, etc.)
9 - 100 Kisses to Remember (in this category, existing ficbits or artwork featuring kisses can be posted, or original stuff as in the other categories)
10 - 100 Things That Remind You of Your Ship (songs, movies, symbols, etc.)

Of course, every endeavor must have rules, and the first one is, and I'm using the caps lock for a reason, NO SHIP BASHING. Dude, you've got your own playground, don't mess it up by peeing all over everyone else's. The point here is to remember the love, not to wallow in the wank.

Other rules mainly consist of things that should be obvious and basic good manners - use good spelling and grammar (without netspeak), give credit where it's due, use cuts if you're putting up something that may be offensive, no spam, etc. Nothing too difficult, right?

If you're not going to have time to administer your community to make sure the rules are followed, please appoint a co-moderator who can handle any necessary thwapping. Please check HERE whether someone's already started a community for a particular ship before you start a new one... And I think that's it, really. Any questions, get a hold of mynuet or just post to the community. Hopefully this can be something fun that we can do with our energies instead of trying to tear one another to shreds.

Free banner for if you want to link here. :D (Thanks to monstericons for making it!)

To put on your journal, copy this and replace the [] with the pointy brackets: [a href="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=1000ways"][img src="URL where you've uploaded the banner"][/a]